• Counseling

    Our therapists have provided family, adolescent and adult counseling and testing services for more than 20 years. Find out More

    Slide 1- Counseling
  • Social Skills Groups

    We explore the building blocks to age appropriate socialization themes and use the spontaneous group interaction to highlight skills in action. Find out More

    Slide 2- Social Groups
  • Neurofeedback

    By recreating harmony in brain activity, Neurofeedback assists in treatment of everything from ADHD to Depression. Find out More

    Slide 3- Neurofeedback
  • RDI

    RDI is a professionally guided, parent-driven program that allows parents to become agents of change in the course of their child’s development. Find out More

    Slide 4- RDI
  • Speech and Language Services

    Our Speech-Language Pathologists identify developmental delays and disorders and provide appropriate therapeutic interventions. Find out More

    Slide 5- Speech and Language Services
  • Advocacy

    We help you with the process of working with your child’s educational team and school district to make sure they get the educational programs and services they need. Find out More

    Slide 6- Advocacy