Comedy / Drama MasksTherapeutic Options is eager to announce “Improv and Pretend”, a dramatic approach to teaching social/relational skills.  Through improvisation our students will engage creatively with the environment and each other, both physically and verbally.

Students will enter a themed environment each week.  We might travel to the Swiss Alps during an avalanche or transport to the planet Mars, engaging all our senses simultaneously through the use of music, props and costume pieces.  The students will be prompted to create their own narratives via role-play scenarios in unfamiliar environments without constraints.

Our sessions will aim to develop communication, social interaction and imagination – the very skills that are targeted for students with Autism, ADHD and those with related social/pragmatic difficulties.  These very skills are integral to the development of peer relationships, perspective –taking, compromise and planning.

The classes will be conducted by two instructors, Celeste Mancinelli, MS-CCC, Speech/Language Pathologist who has worked professionally as an actress in NYC as a member of the Actor’s Equity Association.  She will be partnered with Karen Liberato, LCSW, School Social Worker who currently works at the Calais School developing and implementing behavioral treatment plans for students with relational concerns.

We want to empower our students by embarking on a journey of pretend toward an improved sense of well-being.  Come join us for a rewarding ride! Call 973 – 276 – 9040 or email for more information.

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