Individual and Family Counseling

Our therapists have provided family, adolescent and adult counseling and testing services for more than 20 years. Learn More

Social Skills Groups

For many people, learning how to navigate the social world is effortless. For those individuals with social learning difficulties a lack of social ‘know-how’ can present major roadblocks to the achievement of personal and professional success. Learn More


By recreating harmony in brain activity, Neurofeedback assists in treatment of everything from ADHD to Depression. Learn More

Relationship Development Intervention®

As a support tool in treating Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and other developmental concerns, RDI® is a professionally guided, parent-driven program that allows parents to become agents of change in the course of their child’s development. Learn More

Speech and Language Services

Our Speech-Language Pathologists identify developmental delays and disorders and provide appropriate therapeutic interventions. Additionally, we can identify and treat feeding issues related to oral-motor dysfunction or oral sensitivities. Learn More


Dr. Pesner has advocated for dozens of clients, making sure they are getting the education they’re entitled to, including all the appropriate special education services to meet their needs. Learn More

Evaluation and Testing

When we first meet parents about their child we strive for a comprehensive understanding of their concerns. What has motivated them to seek help at this point in time? As we engage in this conversation we collect a developmental history to better understand how the child arrived at this point. Learn More


Throughout the year, we offer workshops on a variety of topics. While some are presented by Therapeutic Options staff, presentations by professionals whom we collaborate are also offered. Learn More