While speech and language are intricately related, in many ways they’re completely different functions.

Speech includes how we produce sound – how we articulate, the quality of our voice, how fast or slow we talk. It even comprises the structural coordination of our mouths, which can include the sensory aspect of everything from forming words to eating.

Language includes how we process information – how we “hear” what’s being said, how we make sense of it, as well as how we understand, store and retrieve words. It also includes Pragmatics – the rules that govern conversation in different social contexts.

Our Speech-Language Pathologists identify developmental delays and disorders and provide appropriate therapeutic interventions. Additionally, we can identify and treat feeding issues related to oral-motor dysfunction or oral sensitivities.


Our comprehensive assessment of your child’s speech and language functioning might include:

  • Standardized testing to determine where your child falls in relation to same age peers.
  • Evaluation through observations, play interactions or writing samples.
  • Assessments or related information from teachers or other professionals working with your child.
  • An oral-motor evaluation to determine whether any physiological or sensory deviations may be affecting speech/language abilities.


Once the assessment is complete, the therapist meets with you to discuss both our findings and your goals. Then the therapist will determine whether therapy is necessary. An intervention plan may include:

  • Weekly therapy sessions
  • Regular parent updates
  • Design of a home program so you can support the therapy between sessions
  • Regular communication with teachers and/or other professionals working with your child
  • Regular monitoring of progress

School Consultation

As part of your child’s assessment or intervention plan, we can coordinate services with school-based professionals through phone consultations, classroom observations or participation as part of the IEP team.