We have over 20 years experience providing psychological services for clients of all ages in individual, couple, group and family therapy.

Birth to 3 Years Old

It can be very distressing to feel as if your baby or toddler is not developing properly. We can either conduct or coordinate developmental assessments for very young children. We work with parents to gain a greater understanding of the specific challenges facing their child and identify appropriate interventions to assist in his/her development. Sometimes children may also benefit from services offered outside our practice; we can act as case manager to devise a program that fully meets your child’s needs.


We serve children with developmental issues and situationally-based problems, including the consequences of divorce, trauma and bereavement. We tailor our recommendations and interventions based on a series of assessments, which includes meeting with parents and reviewing developmental history. For some children, it’s helpful to obtain additional information through school observations, teacher questionnaires or formal psychological testing. Once we have a comprehensive understanding of your child, we can provide play-based or cognitive/behavioral therapy, group therapy, family counseling or guidance, and suggestions for improving school and social functioning.


Adolescence is often characterized as a time of family conflict and rebelliousness. While true for many, this is not the case for everyone. All teenagers struggle with their conflicting feelings about independence as they determine their own identity. In addition to that, they must learn how to cope with their emotional and intellectual changes. This process is often difficult and it’s not unusual for a family to seek help in guiding their teen through this period. We offer individual counseling, group and family therapy and can confidentially consult with school personnel. We can also help families evaluate the various educational environments that are available for their child.


We have extensive experience working with clients facing a wide variety of issues including:

  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Loss
  • Marital & Family Issues
  • Job Related Problems

We use both dynamic and cognitive approaches in individual, couple and family therapy. Neurofeedback intervention is available as well.