As many people know, Therapeutic Options has been offering neurofeedback services (brain wave biofeedback) for over 10 years now.

Over the past year, one of the exciting developments in our neurofeedback practice has been the introduction of 4-channel training, which allows us to improve the functioning of the neural networks. This type of training involves the placement of electrodes on four different sites of the scalp in order to improve the connectivity of those sites. For some people, the sites targeted in 4-channel training function too similarly, or are redundant; for other people, the sites do not communicate with each other well, or are poorly integrated; and for others still, both of these conditions can exist simultaneously.

One recent example of our work is with a man in his mid-20s who had been suffering with anxiety and depression, had abused stimulant medication, and had attention problems. He was able to find only part-time work, had stopped pursuing a career in teaching, and had persistent difficulties in his relationships with women.

We obtained a brain mapping by using a quantitative EEG (qEEG) and discovered redundancies in his frontal and pre-fontal functions. This led us to use a protocol to better differentiate those areas of the brain. Using the protocol we developed, we succeeded in reducing the anxiety and improving his attention & sleep patterns. We then obtained another brain mapping that disclosed a lack of connectivity along the left side of his brain. The next protocol we implemented increased communication along that area, and we were also able to increase his overall feelings of well-being, though as a result of this new approach, his anxiety slightly increased. After performing a third brain mapping, we introduced a protocol similar to the first and were able to again reduce his anxiety while maintaining the benefits of well-being.

For the past five months, this patient has undergone a total of 45 sessions, attending twice a week. Now that we have met the patient’s treatment goals, we are decreasing the frequency of his sessions. He has a steady girlfriend and is working as a substitute teacher. On numerous occasions, he has told us that we have saved his life.

Neurofeedback can indeed be life changing; we aim for these extraordinary results with every session.


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